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20120106-172941.jpgNow are the new Ahlgrens Bilar box out in stores, that I layouted the graphics for at my previous workplacement at Smurfit Kappa Sweden. Nothing extra ordinary but I’m glad to se it out in almost every grocery store in this country!

One more thing!
At the beginning of this new year, Krönleins Bryggeri are also coming out with some new display boxes and shelf to held their sodas, beer and bottled water. Here I designed an Upper Case letter K, to promote Krönleins in a new interresting way. I almost act as an Art Director at a design agency, kind of, unusual as an intern at a corrugated board manufacturer. But a salesmen at Smurfit Kappa managed to pitch the idea for Krönleins and they liked it!
I’ll try to get a photo of this to post when I see those displays in store.

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  1. Posted on 2012/01/13 by Hanna Olsson

    Häftigt Niklas! Har oxå sett dessa i butikerna :)

  2. Posted on 2012/01/18 by Niklas Hessman

    Tack Hanna! Kul o höra :)

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