Niklas Hessman



This is my graduation project from 2011 working with Procordia and the brand BOB, a well known product of producing jam here in Sweden.
The brief was to replace the original plastic sausage packaging sealed by metal rings in both ends.
I worked together with 4 other class mates on this project; Stellan Rexmark, Ebba Holt, Elin Eskilsson and Jennie Bodin. We’re behing both graphic design and structural design.

This project was also a competition that was presented in Helsingborg and at the Procordia head office. The jury liked our project and we won the competition. Our product reminds the customers of the well known sausage shaped packaging but got a smarter opening solution that gives you the alternative on how to empty your jam. Decide either to spritz it directly on a cake or refill a glass jar. Eco friendly and non sticky.