Niklas Hessman



Income: School project.
This project was part in a contest between my school Broby Grafiska and Nackademin. There were several groups of people, around 15 from both school. The annually contest is called PIDA 2010 – Packaging Impact Design Award. The task for this concept was to come up with a packaging that had a second life. PIDA is held by Korsnäs, a paper board manufacturer. And every one participant had to work with their paper board Korsnäs White.

Albin Feldt and I came upp with this alien look-a-like packagning that contains candy, called Chewers. The head shaped box with eye lobes also have a mouth of which you take out your desired amount of candy. The eye lobes are also to illustrate the kind of moment you are in when eating a particular flavour.
The second life of this packaging is that after it been eaten upp becomes a toy or collectibles. We earned the Honorary Award of PIDA 2010 with this entry called Chewers.