Niklas Hessman



Fish Balls – Golf Balls hooked in the Water Hazard.


A-grade Florida Balls. Used golf balls – a little cheaper and much better for the environment.

This is a packaging and product concept developed by Hessman Design in Halmstad, Sweden. Me, the designer, am a golfer myself and have always wanted to hot up the used golf balls called florida balls. A-grade used golf balls have excellent quality and are almost mint in quality, they deserve a second life for sure. There are so many companies selling used golf balls around the world but just with the same method.

I wanted to create something new, starting a buzz among golfers in Sweden. I call the product Fiskbollar, meaning Fish Balls in Sweden.

To launch this idea and to get the project started i combine my expertise on designing packaging and graphics with my interest for the sport golf that I been playing since I was 12 years old!

The result is a crazy named product called Fish Balls, slowly but surely starting a buzz among golfers in Sweden in the year of 2013.