Niklas Hessman



Income: School assignment.
The brief was that Milko had declining sales regarding their milk, to change that we had to make a packaging that attracts families with children. One must, in brief. Also had to use a standard liquid food packaging, we chose one on Elopak’s.

A series of packagings that exudes both trend and nostalgia. We were inspired by a well known character named La Linea, this is his close relative made out of milk. This concept is to attract both parents and children, because the parents often buy this product to their children.
We also worked with pictograms to interact children’s brain and curiosity.
The milk from Milko is now to be a good and useful part of a healthy lifestyle. All together this could increase sales when milk becomes more trendy and flirts with the past.

Team members: Jacob Cardell and Fanny Nygren.