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If you read my last blog post you seen a bunch of structural designs I did at Smurfit Kappa. One of them were a 6-pack golfball package. For that I also designed some graphics and created a high quality mockup with black and white ink printed right on corrugated board. This mockup was exhibited at the fair Anuga in Cologne 2011 but got stolen. These things just happen when you least expect it, but i thought the whole thing was very funny. Maybe we’ll see the package on the chinese market in a near future, it’s funny, you’ll never know.

The whole idea I came up to then was to create a concept of balls being given away for free back to the sponsor after being played by a professional at a big golf tournament. Then the golfballs are being sold wrapped up by a signed organic packaging. All benefits are then going back and being invested in junior golfers all around the globe.

This whole idea never ended up in my portfolio, cause of being stolen. But maybe for example Titleist might see this blog post and then start up the idea. Then I did my part as a volunteer of a good cause, just for free. Karma is always good.

Click read more to see the structural design and graphics down below.

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